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    Default basement bathroom

    i'm finishing my basement this summer, and would like to put in a small half bathroom directly below the upstairs bathroom. i'm sure it's possible, but just not sure if i can tie into the existing plumbing without having to cut into the concrete floor.

    i've included 2 photos to give you a better idea of what i'm dealing with.

    any thoughts would be helpful.


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    You can cut into the drain to connect a sink without breaking up concrete, but you will need to crack some concrete to put in a toilet and a shower unless you take the kludge of building a raised floor to allow the shower to drain to the existing stack. You really would need to figure out how deep your drain is under the slab, but it is probably deep enough to put in new drains, connect to the existing drain line, and run new vents.

    You will need to run new vent line up above the fixtures that are above it (you could do it in the attic).
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    Options are:

    Cut the slab with a wet saw, and put the plumbing below grade, making sure you vent the lower bathroom fixtures with a seperate vent that ties in above the fixtures on the upper floor.
    This is always the best option.

    Use either a wall hug toilet, or floor mounted rear outlet toilet and either cut in a tee for that bathroom set very low or perhaps cutting some concrete out an connecting low enough for it to work.
    Disadvantage to this would be the toilets themselves.
    They are more money, but not as nice as floor mounts.

    Use a pumping type toilet
    If there is a problem with the pump, or the power is out, you can't use the bathroom.


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