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Thread: 6 zone valve replacement

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    Question 6 zone valve replacement

    After years of patching my 20-year old FIMCO 6-zone valve, it's now beyond the help of JB Weld and in need of replacement. Found a good price of $52 at Home Depot for the valve, but to keep the valve at the same height at the pump I'll need to cut all 6 of the the 1 1/2" pipes and install sections of the same pipe with couplings to raise the valve to the original level, so the question is: How do I align the 6 pipes to fit within the valve with all 6 valve openings wet with PVC cement?(I'm worried that the quick drying PVC cement will set without all 6 pipes being bottomed out on the repair couplings, creating leak opportunities).

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    Use union fittings.

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    I'm not familiar with the term "union fittings." I see that there are 2 types of 1 1/2" couplings available, one with no lip on the internal diameter("repair" coupling)and one with a lip half-way into the coupling. I now understand that "repair" couplings are not advisable for the high pressure at a hydro-indexing valve and that I should therefore use couplings with lips. Are these what you call "union" fittings? And if so, how do these help me with the concern I have over the simultaneous cementing of the 6 PVC pipes into the valve body?


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