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Thread: How can I replace this tub faucet?

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    Default How can I replace this tub faucet?

    How can we replace this ancient tub faucet? Our handyman is not familiar with this unit to do a replacement. Does anyone know where we might find a faucet like this (it is 6 inches on center)? It's located in a rental and we plan on doing a remodel within the next few years, meaning we'd like to replace this without removing/replacing the tub surround. If this is an irreplaceable part we are open to other ideas. Is there a plate cover that can be purchased to cover where the handles are and keep the tub faucet in place? Then we can install a new shower valve/handle up further. Also, we do have access to the plumbing behind the wall.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    I have seen this type of faucet, used mostly in trailers,but the modern ones are normally 4 or 8 inch centers.I would start by contacting trailer supply houses see if they might know if they can still be gotten in 6 inch.If not,an 8 inch one could be used to replace it,with the appropriate plumbing adjustments and modifying the hole(s) in the wall.
    There is no cover such as you seek.

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    I have found these in a supply house, but it has been several years. It may be repairable.....washers and seats might stop the leak


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