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Thread: PPfister compression shower faucet

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    Angry PPfister compression shower faucet

    Shower problem:
    My Pfister, compression shower w/diverter not in wall, but on the tub downspout.
    My hot water leaked, the fixture was some worn, probably could have done a washer replacement, replaced the stem fixture complete. After I replaced the stem, I have no leaks, but no water coming from the downspout either. And the cold water that used to flow ok, now has no flow.

    I have checked all of the parts, fitting looks just like old model. What happened?

    Also cold water assembly is STUCK.

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    A lot of issues here/

    For starters, on this type of valve, whenever you install or remove a stem, it should be in the intermediate position.=, i.e. not fully open, not fully closed. That may be why you have one stuck.

    You should take everything apart again and look for debris...old chunks of washer, etc, which may be blocking a port


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