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Thread: tankless water heater

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    im planning to replace my existing ng water heater with a tankless water heater. if i need to have ample hot water for 2 baths, a shower or two, and then either the washing machine or dish washer,,,whats the best way to organize that? how many tankless heaters would i need?

    ive been told a 7.5 gallong rinnai is sufficient but i want to do it right the first time. is that ample? id rather be safe than sorry.



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    Questions about tankless water heaters pops up frequently on this forum. I suppose it's to be expected, they seem like the answer to a maiden's prayer, but I would urge you to go to the archives and read the comments and experiences of others before you jump into this. Basically, these things are not a wise choice for several reasons so you should read more than the hype put out by the manufacturers.

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    Default previous threads


    tks for the advice.

    i did look for past threads. i dont see any. I have access to only 6 pages of conversations.

    is there an archive?

    what are the cons?

    tks much

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    It very much depends on where you live and your water quality. If the winter water temps are quite cold (lower than the nominal 50-degrees the things are often spec'ed at), then your flow rate goes way down or the temp will not get as high. Plus, they require potentially significant gas supply and flue upgrades. None of these are cheap, nor are the units or periodic maintenance.
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    Default tks

    found the archives...


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