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Thread: Thoughts about Niagara Conservations toilets and 10" Rough In Toilets

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    Default Thoughts about Niagara Conservations toilets and 10" Rough In Toilets

    Niagara Flapperless
    Good Morning and thanks for everyone that dispenses helpful advice and tips. This is a great forum for those that are experienced and those that are DIY'ers. As a first time DIY'er I have undertook a bathroom remodel which includes relocating a toilet and re-tiling the whole bathroom as well as relocating the sink pipes so that they come out of the wall. The plumbing has been done, the walls are finished, and next steps are the tiling and a toilet purchase.

    Does anyone have any thoughts regarding Niagara Conservation toilets. I am looking to install a 10" rough in elongated toilet. Ideally it is water conserving, and "efficient" and within a price range of 250.00 - 375.00. Does anyone have any suggestions that fit this criteria. I was looking at a kohler wellworth. I was also told that the Toto 10" conversion kit or any other conversion kit to a 10" rough in size was to be avoided. What are your thoughts on that. Thank you all for your time and consideration reading this.


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    The Niagara has a plastic tray that you tip to create a flush.
    It's a basic builder grade toilet are far as quality goes.
    The footprint is fairly small, so if you have a wood floor, the old outline is likely to show.

    The Toto Unifit adapter, as many will tell you, works well for moving the rough-in.
    I sell toilets that use the Unifit day in and day out.
    I stock about six of the 10" kits and two of the 14".
    The toilets come standard with the 12" kit.
    It's the best choice if you have a 10" or 14", everything else looks contrived.

    Using these, allows the bowl to have a cleaner look and makes it easier to clean.
    If you ask women which one they would rather clean, any Toto with a Unifit will be getting the two sponges up sign.

    We sell and install thousands of toilets every year, toilets with the Unifit have been big sellers for us.
    If your plumber hasn't see them before, or has a hard time reading, then have him give me a call.

    Toto Vespin

    The Toto Guinevere will set in the same spot using either the supplied 12" Unifit
    or the 10" and 14" Unifit depending on where the rough-in is plumbed.
    One toilet, three choices.

    Other toilets that work with 10" are
    Gerber Ultraflush
    Cadet 3 with 10" tank

    For Seattle, Anchorage, Spokane
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    Default 10" rough in.

    So I can purchase a conversion kit that will enable my toilet be that of a 12" or 14" rough in? Are these conversion kits basically pvc glued on to drain pipe? IF they are glued on, and the seal is tight, and toilet is properly installed then I any chances of leaking will be minimized. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks for your time.


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    The Toto Unifit adapter is considered part of the toilet. You pick the one you need to make the toilet fit on your existing flange. It attaches to the flange in the standard manner, via a wax ring, but in addition, needs additional screws to hold it aligned to the floor. Then, you set the toilet on top of the adapter, and bolt it to the adapter and you're done. Take a look at the www.toto.com website, and you can search for the Unifit adapter to see what it looks like, or look at any of the toilet spec sheets for say the vespin, Carlyle, and several other toilets that use that adapter (not all do! some are conventional and just bolt directly to the flange).
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    Default Thoughts about Niagara Conservations toilets and 10" Rough In Toilets

    Thanks for the input. This is most helpful.

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    I would discount much of the advice you have recieved...

    Lets start with the Toto Unifit adapter. Aside from many plumbers being unfamiliar with it there is nothing wrong with it. Yes, there is more to it than simply dropping a toilet on a wax ring, but, It is not all that difficult and your plumber can get it right on the first installation. Once he gets that first installation under his belt no doubt he will gladly do more. The system works and works well!

    Niagara Flapperless... This toilet is nothing outstanding in quality or, performance. It relies heavily on proprietary parts for operation. A toilet is often installed in a home and is in place for 20-30 years. If Niagara disappears in that time where are the parts going to come from. The parts market for these is not large enough where any company is going to jump into the replacement parts market. I would not consider this toilet based on performance and proprietary parts.

    Kohler Wellworth... Plain and simple this toilet while very common is a real dog in the performance department! It's MaP Report testing reveals that it flushes either 250, or, 300 Grams of Solids Per Flush on the gravity flush models depending on the model. This is one that will keep you very proficient at using a plunger!

    The Toto will not disappoint you!
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