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Thread: Mixing different irrigation systems?

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    Default Mixing different irrigation systems?

    The issue that I am dealing with is basically one plant on the very corner of the property is not getting much water. It is on the lowest terrace of a stepped retaining wall while the sprinkler that waters that area is at the top of the retaining wall. Everything around this plant gets plenty of water, but some of them block the water from falling far enough.

    The home owner would like me to install another sprinkler off the end of the existing line. The problem is that unless I put it all the way down to and on top of that plant, we're going to end up with the same problem. I am wondering if it would be feasible to come off the end of the existing line with a drip line that I can run down to that one plant.

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    I don't think a drip line on the end of a "regular" sprinkler line would do you any good. The sprinklers get their required water out fairly quickly. A drip line takes a loooong time to get enough volume out to do the job.

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    In very broad terms, we talk about measuring sprinklers in gallons per MINUTE and we talk about drip in gallons per HOUR. On that premise, the 60 to 1 ratio makes mixing the two inconsistent from a time standpoint.

    Not impossible, and there are some "drip-type" components up on the higher end of gallons. But in general, it is not a good mix.

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    Thanks for the help. I actually talked to the company that installed the system originally. Thankfully they keep records for ten years, if they don't hear anything from the customer and were able to advise me (this is a four year old system).

    So they told me that we could get away with a high output dripline, with a quarter round fan head. They also were kind enough to explain the easiest way to install it, should only take about twenty minutes or so. The zone limitations in this location were geographical, rather than pressure related.


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