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Thread: Please recomend toilets to fit 11 1/4" rough-in

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    Default Please recomend toilets to fit 11 1/4" rough-in

    Hi! The rough-in for my bath is a little larger than I thought when I posted last time. It looks like I have just a smidgen over 11 1/4". I've been reading on here that some 12" toilets would fit, like the Drake. However, my husband doesn't really like the Drake-he want's something more contemporary looking, like the Ultramax, or Nexus.

    I'd greatly appreciate it if you could recommend some good 12" toilets (preferrably under $600.00) that would fit an 11 1/4" rough-in.

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    Pretty much any 12" toilet will work at 11-1/4"

    If you check the specs, at 12" they have 3/4" of open space at the back.

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    Thanks Terry! Do you have much experience with installing the Toto Supreme toilet (MS863113)? I looked at the spec sheet, but for some reason it doesn't show a measurement for the open space at the back like all of the other Toto specs I've looked at, so I'm not sure that it would fit okay.


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