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Thread: losing water pressure

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    Default losing water pressure

    I have a question .I have a 6 inch well with a new pressure switch 40/60,new 40 gallon tank, and just replaced a worn out 1/2 horse pump with a new 1 horse. I have my tank pressure set at 38 psi .My question is i am losing water pressure within a few minutes on a garden sprinkler sometimes will drop around 10psi .When i pulled my pump to replace i pulled 160ft. of pipe had water at least 30 to 40 feet of the pipe covered in water.Also have like air sound at pump at the top of the ground then goes away as pressure builds.Any ideas.
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    Default just a thought...

    Do you have a check valve on the water line coming from the well to your jet pump. If you do have one, it might have gone bad. This check valve should prevent the water from going back down the well, when the jet pumps stops. That air sound, (I think) is the just pump sucking air, (not good for the impeller in the just pump).
    I too strongly recommend that a well saver be installed in your system.

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    I think your talking about a Submersible Pump since you said you pulled a bunch of pipe.

    Do you know what pump the 1/2hp was and what the 1hp pump is. In other words, there are different pumps that go on the same horsepower motors. Buying horsepower does not necessarily mean you will get more water or pressure.



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