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Thread: how do I get to my foot valve?

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    Default how do I get to my foot valve?

    I have a problem with my foot valve. At least that is what I was told to look at. I have 1.5 hp jet pump, I removed that and am looking down a 2" pipe with a flashlight. I took a tape measure and hit water at 18'. I do not see anything to grab a hold of but their is definatley something there. The guy at the store told me I should be able to grab ahold of a smaller size pipe and pull it right out well point and foot valve attached. Do you have any answers for me??

    Thanks Mick

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    Mick, wouldn't this question fit better in the Well and Pump section of the forum?

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    If you took an elbow off the top of the well to remove the pump, you won't have any droppipe or a footvalve. There may be a Bremer Check Valve at the bottom, but you don't want to remove that. If there were a Bremer in the well, it should still be full of water.

    I assume you have a check valve in the pipe between the top of the well and the pump. Right?



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