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Thread: New Shower has long crack and hole

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    Default New Shower has long crack and hole

    I am really glad I found this forum. I am looking for some suggestions what to do . We have a new home that was just built 3 months ago. We had a one piece lasco fiberglass shower unit installed in a 2nd bathroom which now has a long crack and a hole where the crack is.

    The shower from the beginning when you step inside was and is very spongy on the bottom. Apparently there was nothing installed underneath the shower floor to have a solid foundation. Now that there is a hole in there , you can definitely tell there is a big gap from the bottom of the shower to the original floor.

    The builder is wanting us to get it repaired, but we are afraid to risk such a repair thinking this may happen again in the future.

    Can a fiberglass shower be repaired and fixed to where it looks like it is a brand new shower?

    Shouldn't there have been something installed on the bottom of the flooring in order to have made the shower unit more solid instead of it filling spongy when you move in it?

    Thank you for any advice you may have.

    Sorry, I should have mentioned where the long crack and hole is . It is straight down on the bottom where it goes around in a curve. Straight down where you turn on the water . Hope that makes sense.
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