Ok, I've been reading some of the other posts regarding point wells and how to get the best possible flow from them. It's a heck of a lot more information than I've found anywhere else, so anyone that has contributed to the others in need, THANKS.
So my question is this. I've already drove the actual point down to just above the basement floor, I then put on the drive coupling with teflon tape, and attached a 36" piece of Galvanized 1 1/4" pipe to that with teflon tape and tightened. Then put the drive cap on top of the pipe and started sinking the point further. The problem I'm having is that I keep cracking the threads under the drive cap. Two pieces of Galv are junk now. I'm hitting square with the hammer, but the threads still crack. It's not hard ground to go through, mostly sand, right off of the river. For now I'm just using a 2 pound short handle hammer, and it goes down bout an inch with each blow. I'm not sure if I should be using different grade of pipe, or if the drive cap threads aren't deep enough. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, I'm curious if I should use pipe dope along with the teflon.