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Thread: Shower Vent to Main Vent joint

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    Default Shower Vent to Main Vent joint

    Please see atached pics.

    I am joining the shower vent to the main vent.
    Due to framing obstructions, can I join the vents like in pic. A
    with the shower vent dropping (only 3-4 inches) before it tees into
    the main vent (my concern is the high point of the shower vent is
    higher than the tee- do sewer gases like to collect in this high area instead
    of venting out?) or do I have to join them like in pic. B?

    Also, for this joint can I just use a regular tee (or sani tee) or do I need
    a 'vent tee'.
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    As I understand it, the vent must essentially run up from the trap, it can't have any downward leg. Condensation or a backup could fill it and then block it.
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    Default vent

    Plan B is the official way, using any kind of tee you want to. Plan A will also work, but would not pass an inspection.


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