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    Default One-handle Eljer tub faucet

    I have an ELJER one-handle tub and it recently started leaking. I thought I could just easily replace the plastic valve?(guts) to fix it (see pic). But I can't find those particular parts anywhere (Loews, HD, etc.) No one seems to have any Eljer stuff (other than toilets and tubs.) No replacement parts. I tried the Eljer website, but it was pretty useless. I don't really have the money or skill to relace the entire portion (pipes,brazing etc.) I just would like to simply replace the guts portion. Any advice or insight would be great. Thanks.
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    Default eljer

    Gp to Home Depot and check the Valley repair parts.

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    Excellent! Thanks to you both.

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    Resurrecting an oldie but a goodie. Same model of Eljer here (same as picture at top of thread). The link given shows discontinued model pre-1993 and then the current model post 1993. Would the cartridge from the new version fit/work in old version ? Old version is at least two parts while new is a cartridge. I also think the old version has small springs and gaskets that fit in side top of valve opening before pieces go in.


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