Just purchased a second home. Yard was trenched to add an irrigation system and some but not all trenches have pvc pipe in them and even some have been capped at specific irrigation sprinkler head locations. For whatever reason they never finished. Trenches were not filled back in. However there is nothing attached to the house. There further appears to be a rain guage of some sort installed on roof.

Question is .. is it worth completing the job ? I am not sure the house is worth a huge yard expense. PErhaps 1/4 to 1/2 acre (closer to 1/4) is to be irrigated. What are my considerations as I suspect a company will just charge me from scratch although the trenching is done already. Not sure really. What would the estimated remaining costs be for the connection to the water line at house, manifold, timers, etc.

Thanks to all in advance. Love this forum.