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Thread: Installed a new bath tub faucet now have no water volume.

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    Default Installed a new bath tub faucet now have no water volume.

    I just recently replaced an old tub faucet with a new Pegasus k300 series thermostatic faucet. I now have very low water volume and the water does not get very hot. I initialy thought it was a defect with the new valve and returned it to the store for another. I installed the new one with the same results. All my other faucets in the house are fine and the faucet I replaced had good volume. Is this a defect in the valve or some other problem? I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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    The instructions should include a procedure to calibrate the temperature setting. On some, there is also a range lock that prevents you from geting too hot that you have to press to allow it to go beyond that lock. It may just mean that you need to adjust it.
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