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Thread: Kohler Archer which overflow and drain trim?

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    Default Kohler Archer which overflow and drain trim?

    Hey guys my tub came in today and Im wondering I didnt see the overflow trim listed, its a long slot instead of a circular whole. also I think I want to go with the push down style or manual drain/plug instead of the linkage types any opinions of which is the best or what to avoid.
    Hey I got to say you guys are great for taking your own time to help out others
    Thank you!

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    OK I found the assembly K7272 its kind of lame it looks like it only comes in white instead matching colors like biscuit. Any who do I attach the overflow the tho tub before droping in or after? Any tricks

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    I spent a lot of time deciding if I wanted the Archer when i remodeled because I really really liked the look of the sloted overflow, but ended up not going with it. It really is a great looking tub though, grats on it.

    I am unaware of the drain coming in white, I'm pretty sure it only comes in metal colors. You can find it here on Kohlers website:


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