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Thread: Freije EasyWater Water Softener

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    Unhappy Freije EasyWater Water Softener

    I have calcium and lime deposits from my well water. The water is corrosive and attacks my pipes and faucets. I have a water softener but I do not like using it as the water is slimely etc.

    Has anyone had any experience with a product called the EasyWater 1000 from Freije.

    Thanks in advance.


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    What is causing the corrosion? Softened water is no more agressive/corrosive than hard water. A quick'n easy TDS test will prove that.

    That electronic thingy with the wires you wrap around the pipe, they usually don't work except to make wallets lighter. They are not a water softener because they don't remove or reduce water hardness. They are supposed to prevent hardness scale from forming and to remove it from wherever it has formed in the system. They may or may not do that but those few that do anything, male a whitish powdery residue all over surfaces wherever the water evaporates.

    You'd do better to change the slimy to slippery silky smooth and get used to it. They say it takes 21 days to make or break a good or bad habit...
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    I have experience with the EasyWater. My well has iron (rust) issues as well as the hardness problems so I had to install an iron filter in addition to my EasyWater, but with the two units I got what I was looking for. I donít get that slimy feel anymore. The filter got rid of the iron and the EasyWater got rid of that white flaky build up on my showerhead and in my dishwasher. I was told that I would still have some water spots and I do, but they are so much easier to wipe away.

    If you really want to get rid of the slimy feel and not have the build up, try the EasyWater. Ask them about your well too, they will tell you if it wonít help you. I love mine though, its great.


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