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    I just recently got done installing practically everything in my bathroom. I tore out the floors, put down new tongue and groove, new cabinets, new bathtub, practically everything.

    I get down to the last thing which was install the drain for the new bathtub to find out that the (forgive my ignorance in my plumbing terminology) the threaded coupler is broken. So I figure no big deal, I get a new trap and install it......not quite. So in my attempts to install it I find that it is a job that (at least for me) dictates that you have two people. Unfortunately my girlfriend is 8 months pregnant and not much help. My biggest problem is attempting to thread the drain properly while lifting up on the trap. Kind of hard to do as one person. Then when I do get it kind of threaded it doesn't sit perfectly I can only assume it will leak.

    You plumbers I tell you must have patience or are insanely smarter than most. I can tear apart almost anything in a house and put it back together in pretty limited time....plumbing on the other hand.....oh dadddyyy.

    Is there any walkthrough on this site to install S-traps? How do you guys get the drain to hold tight against the tub, I'm dying and smelly here...I need a shower! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leakin View Post
    How do you guys get the drain to hold tight against the tub, I'm dying and smelly here...I need a shower! lol
    you have to have knuckle dragging arms like an ape Nah..... just kidding lol

    It all depends what access you have to the drain and what material you have to play with. When you say "drain", do you mean the waste and overflow or just the p-trap? or both?

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    My problems are all all around the drain inside the bathtub, I can't get the drain to lay flat and secured tightly. Is the secret in getting the P-trap attached far enough away? Or am I missing an piece that could make this easier? I kind of lucked out, cause i'm currently in a trailer and it has a panel where you can get directly to everything underneath the tub. I took some pics.

    The white pvc piece i just recently bought. I had another piece that I bought that matched the other pieces. I'm planning on buying another trap tomorrow since I had to seal it up to at least use it. It's funny after gooping it all up it hardly leaked. It was still a makeshift job and I would prefer to get it done correctly. I added some pics.

    I messed up on the angle last time and I'm thinking a shorter threaded female "coupler" to hopefully pull that drain snug. Or am I missing something totally simple, cause I would think a matching nut would go underneath the tub, similar to sinks......darn plumbing!

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The tub will have two openings.
    One lower one for the drain,
    A higher one for the "overflow".

    These are joined together by a santee, and then below the santee
    you will install the p-trap.

    The overflow kit will have the top overflow fitting can cover
    and the lower threaded drain with pop-up, and rubber washer and plastic 90 el with internal threads.

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    Default I fixed it

    I knew they had to have something with threads on the bottom of the tub. Most of my trips have been to home depot. Unfortunately home depot didn't have what I was referring too. So i travel up the street to lowe's and there mobile home section was way better. Wouldn't you know I found the slip nut drain, and the exact same match to what trap I had in there before.

    Mr. Love, my bathtub doesn't have two holes, just the one.

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    Default New problem

    How the heck do you get the fittings to stick on the quest pipe?

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    Wow, maybe you should take a picture of your bathtub from the top...It doesn't sound right that there isn't an overflow.
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    Default drain

    Trailer tubs often do not have an overflow. In fact most of them use a variation of a 1 1/2" sink strainer for their drain, which it looks like this one is. The easiest way to connect them is with a slip nut and flanged sink tailpiece into a trap with a slip joint connection.

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    The sink strainer idea, i did consider. I almost bought that, but fortunately I found the right one at lowes. I tell you, if I was in a bind and home depot was the only place around, in hindsight I would have bought the sink strainer.

    Here's the plumbing I'm having troubles connecting. How does this stuff work? I can't get the metal thread to hold snug to the tubing. It slides on kind of tight, but how do I get it to catch and hold permanently? This is for the toilet.

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    Default joint

    I would not use that type of connection, but the nut goes on first, then the metal ring with the teeth pointing away from the nut and then the seal with the flat side against the metal ring.

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    I take it that this has the likelihood of leaking?


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