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Thread: Green Mold Spores on Roof

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    Unhappy Green Mold Spores on Roof

    I have noticed the mold spores (about the size of a quarter) on the north side roof of my home. The roof is constructed by wood trusses with plywood overlay, roof paper and one layer of fiberglass shingles on a fifteen year old roof. My question is, what is the proper method to remove (clean off) the mold spores? I would be very grateful for any ideas. Thank you

    Earle Kubat

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    Could be moss or lichens.
    Jim DeBruycker
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    I'm not sure what solution you should spray to remove mold. I have heard that half water and half bleach will do the trick, but this may discolor your shingles.

    Here's my tip: after the mold is removed, install coper or zinc strips towards the top of the roof peak. Rain water running over these strips will prevent future mold growth.

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    I have been using a product by Gardens Alive, "Moss Aside" with fantastic results. Can be used on just about anything including your lawn.

    Have been surprised on the lasting effects, seems to be more lasting when used on a porous surface like limestone.

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    There is some enviromentally safe solutions to your problem. Last thing you want to use is something that kills your shrubs or greenery around the house. When the missus isnt happy.....

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    Moss & Linchen will start appearing when the Roofing material is starting to fail, which allows it to hold moisture. At this point, if the Roof is over 10 years old, and showing signs of wear (loose material in the Gutters, curling, bowing), time to look at replacing.


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