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Thread: Tub spout trouble, can I make this work?

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    Default Tub spout trouble, can I make this work?

    Attached picture probably explains my problem clearly enough. Putting in a new tub, higher than the old tub, the old spout pipe is too low for the new spout, can't screw it on all the way to the wall it hits the top edge of the tub. Obviously from my photo this wasn't figured out until just a wee bit too late. My question is can I make this work somehow with an extender or something. I'm thinking maybe I can take a chrome extender and notch it, cut it to length, etc. I already have a plastic extender on the inside of the of the spout in the picture attached.
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    This is a complete guess. I wonder if you could 90 and then street 90 the pipe or possibly use two 45s, one of them street, to raise the pipe up a little once it comes out of the wall? It would be a wobbly pipe but it might just be covered by the spout.

    How would that measure up?

    You would have to be very careful soldering near that tub, even if it did work. Is that an acrylic solution?

    Or, probably easier, would be to find a spout that does not screw on, but has a set screw near the front, and notch the spout to fit (if they make them like that).
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    Oh c'mon, thats looks fine!!! Hahaha, just kiddin.

    Maybe a chrome sleeve over the copper with a fancy chrome flange covering the hole through the wall?

    Or, seeing that the spout isn't detrimental to the operation of a shower fixture (I see no diverter valve on the spout), maybe you could scrap the spout all together and come up with some creative spout of your own that fits. You know, something "European". I'd google "tub spout" and see what you can find. I have seen tub spouts that look like an old water well that "pour" water out (and might be thin enough for the clearance you need to the tub).

    I googled "tub spout" and looked at some images:

    These look a lot "thinner". So, they must be out there.
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    Well I definitely like the idea of just going with a different spout, much cleaner solution... I'll do some looking around for something. Not going to spend $400+ on a tub spout tho! Good suggestion tho!!

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    Just slap a 45 or a 90 on the end of the copper and polish it.


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