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    We have a Gerber Flush Mate at our home in Utah and love it. I am thinking of putting one in our Florida condo but have a nagging concern. The toilet is next to the shower and I have had a clog in the past that when I plunged, the water actually came back up in the shower drain. I am figuring there is a shallow drain pipe from the shower that connects right under the toilet and if the obstruction is below the join, then I plunged right back up into the shower stall. This is not a frequent occurance, maybe I just had one heck of a jam.

    Anyway, I want to replace the toilet. It is a real piece of junk and not a reliable flusher at all. I'm worried though, that if I put a Flushmate in and were to power flush against an obstruction, that I might have a gushing fountain blow out from the shower. Is this irrational? Maybe with the Flushmate, I'll never get such a jam to begin with.

    Thanks for your input. By far, the Gerber Flushmate is the finest machine I have ever owned. I tell the neighbors it could take a loaf of bread down. It is quite an unusual conversation piece.

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    Flushmates are pretty consistent so if you haven't had any clogging issues with your Gerber Ultra-Flush in Utah then it stands to reason that you won't have any issues in the Florida condo, regardless of what the current gravity toilet does.

    The pressure-assist flush actually pushes the waste from the bowl and propels it down the drainline at a flow rate in excess of 70 GPM. You pretty much have to try to clog a Flushmate-equipped toilet so I don't think you have too much to be concerned about.


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