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Thread: Single loop hot water system question

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    Default Single loop hot water system question

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some opinions. I've just started a major remodel here. It involves building 2 new bathrooms and removing the existing bathroom to convert it to a walkin closet. In the process I had to gut out the basement so I could stiffen my floor joists where the bathrooms are going so I don't have trouble with floor tile. It also gives me the oppertunity to run new electric and get rid of the old Romex and to circut the way I want. So now that everything is exposed in the basement, I figured nows the time to address problems down there. The problem has been that it gets way to hot down there. It could be 10 below outside and if we are down there you need to open a window! The house, built around 1953, has a 1 1/4" single loop hot water system. The basement has baseboard heaters connected to the system with monoflow fittings. Here's what I'd like to do. I'm thinking of adding a Honeywell V8043 zone valve on a stat for the basement so the baseboards wont heat unless the stat calls for heat. Is there anything I'm missing??? Thanks!

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    If they are on a single loop it will work. Or a thermostatic radiator valve. But one factor with MonoFlo tees is that they depend to a certain degree on the water that is diverted though the branch being returned to the main for use by the downstream radiators. If you shut off that branch you effectively reduce the amount of water being circulated. A three way valve, that either circulates through the baseboard or returns the water to the main would be a better option if the baseboard is going to be off for long periods of time.

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    Thanks! I'll look into a 3 way valve.

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    A toasty basement will also keep the floor above nice and warm.


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