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Thread: caroma dual flush - toilet seat headaches

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    Default caroma dual flush - toilet seat headaches

    Regretably we installed a caroma dual flush one peice toilet where it is more or less surrounded by three walls for a small degree of privacy - we did all this before attaching the toilet seat and now can not adequately tighten done the seat as the only access to the bolts is from the back of the toilet and then back quite a ways towards the front. There is about seven inches between walls and toilet. The look is of course great because the bolts and such are completely out of sight on the interior of the full skirt. Any suggestions? Any special tool thatmight be of some assitance? Tried getting a smaller child to shimmy his arm in and around to no avail...

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    Is this a Caravelle unit?

    You'll most likely have to lift the toilet off from its unifit flange and then tighten the bolts properly. You can only tighten the bolts so much by hand by reaching around from behind...that's if you have decent access from the side...which you don't. Atleast you won't have to mess with a new wax ring to re-set the toilet. It's too bad they didn't use fancy bolts like Toto uses on their skirted toilets that actually tighten from the top since there is no access.
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    You could try a ratchet with an extention and 2 universals and a socket on the end.

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