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    Default * Please Critque my Plumbing Design

    I'm finishing the upstairs to my loft above the barn (separate building from
    my main house). There is no plumbing there now.

    Please look at these 2 designs, tell me which one (or neither) is good:

    A few particular questions:
    * It will be a sob (but doable if absolutely needed) to run that long vent from
    the kitchen sink to main vent stack in Plan B - will the AVV in plan A work?
    * Since the toilet and lav are so close to the stack do they need a
    separate vent - is the 4 1/2 feet distance on the lav within 'critical distance'
    to stack so I won't need a separate lav vent, or do I still need one?
    * Is it ok that the vent stack and the sewer stack are offset by approx.
    9 inches (vent stack is to the left of sewer stack, so will it be able to properly
    ventilate toilet?

    Thanks in advance for all advice.
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