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Thread: Venting and Pressure Testing

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    I have a kitchen sink upstairs which is directly vented out the roof. I added a utility sink and washing machine drain in the basement sharing the same drain pipe. I recently failed a plumbing inspection because my city follows the UPC and does not allow studor valves. I also had used a sanitary tee to tie the sink / washing machine drain into the drainpipe which I found is not allowed. Anyhow - I am replacing the sanitary tee with a double outlet tee (I was told this is UPC compliant). I am also properly venting. Unfortunately I have a couple of questions and the inspector has not returned my calls.

    I will be venting the washer and utility sink up to over 6" above the kitchen sink water line and tying it back into the main vent. I am assuming both basement fixture drains can share this vent as long as I tie them together in a manner that always follows 45 degrees or more to vertical and tie into the main vent as specified above. Is this correct? As far as where these originate I have heard conflicing statements regarding critical distance for a 2" drain under the UPC - can anyone confirm this measurement for me?

    Pressure Testing:
    I was originally told that because of the small amount of work I was doing a pressure test would not be required. The scope expanded and I now must perform one. Under my double outlet tee I have a cleanout fitting. Is this sufficient to plug with a baloon for pressure testing or should I have a true 'test tee' in my configuration?

    Thanks in advance all for any advice!

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    We would have to see a drawing or picture of what you are doing. A "double outlet tee" could have more than one meaning and we would have to know exactly what you are using and how you are doing it. The same with the vent.

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    Default Rough Drawing

    Excuse my poor mouse work but here is a really rough sketech with labels.

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    As long as the venting is being tied together six inches above the flood plane, it looks okay.
    Tees on their back need to be tee wyes or combos.


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