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Thread: Grinder Pump Issues

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    Default Grinder Pump Issues

    Hello, I have been reading the forums for a while thank you for all the great information.

    I have a problem with my grinder pump.

    It is about 4 years old. The house is a bit lower than city sewer lines hence needing the pump.

    We had it replaced after Hurricane Isabel flooded it and it failed.

    The pump has worked fine until recently. It still cuts on normally when needed and does its job however at other times ... the pump makes a cycling noise which I can only describe as sounding similar to what a garbage disposal that is jammed sounds like... sort of a humming sound. It never did this before recently.

    Any thoughts on what could be happening?

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    The sound you hear is the sound of the pump trying to run but not starting. It can be any number of things ranging from a bad electrical connection to a jammed pump or even a bad pump motor. The system will have to be trouble shot to determine what is wrong with it.


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