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Thread: Rain Cistern Pump

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    Default Rain Cistern Pump

    I am a garden designer and contractor in the Atlanta, GA area. With the past year of heavy drought and massive water restrictions, we have been installing large rain harvesting cisterns for some of our clients. I have been using a basic Dayton Utility/Sprinkler pump ordered through Grainger for pumping purposes out of these cisterns (water storage of 500-1500 gallons). The only downside with this pump is that the homeowner would like to have a nozzle on the outputting water hose, but I have told them that they cannot shut off the flow, since the pump will still be trying to push, and therefore build pressure.

    During my research last year on these systems, I found all types of pumps in Australia that are made for these purposes that operate similar to a household well pump system with either pressure vessels built on the pump, or a constant pressure pump system. I am having trouble locating any pump similar to these in the US. I would love to offer a pump option that would allow for pressure control and allow nozzles, etc to be used.

    These homeowners are using the stored water mainly for watering their shrubs and flowers, and if the lawn is thirsty, they might hook up one sprinkler. I am not planning on tapping these systems into underground sprinkler systems, mainly because the stored water would be used up very quickly when spread over a lawn area. So the pressure and volume required of the pump is not very high, and I would guess a maximum head for most of our installations is 12', as we are usually hiding the cisterns on the backside of a house, on the basement level.

    I appreciate any help on this matter if anyone knows of a pump setup or system that would provide a nice alternative.

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    How about a marine washdown pump. The pump only goes on when there is a drop in pressure on the line. These are very common on boats. They are 12 volt but I am sure you can rig something up.


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