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Thread: wierd hot water situation

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    Default wierd hot water situation

    I am having trouble with my hot water, although the tank seems to be O.K.
    Temperature varies between hot and luke warm. Today as I was running the hot water in the bathroom tap, I noticed that it was luke warn until I flushed the toilet, then it became hot as the water pressure dropped. Is it possible that cold water is making its way into the hot water lines? Could a faulty shower valve cause this to happen?

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    Default water

    If you have a malfunctioning hot water circulation system that could be one of the symptoms.

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    It sounds like your hot and cold water lines may be cross-connected. Cold water is leaking into the hot water lines. It could be a lot of things, it was a washing machine for me.

    Think back to when the problem first started. Did you work on the plumbing or install a new appliance?

    If the pipes are accessible, turn everything on and look for a hot water line that feels cold.


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