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Thread: Washing Machine Drain?

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    Red face Washing Machine Drain?

    I am currently remodeling a 1962 home in SC. The WM drain was a 1 1/2" galvanized standpipe that transitioned to a hose in the crawl space, passed through the brick wall below grade, transitioned to PVC below grade and came to the surface approximately 20' away. This system, not surprisingly, backed up over the years creating multiple problems including termites. I replacing floor joists, floor and plumbing. Because I am unsure of the current configuration of the existing septic system (tank and drain field), I am planning on having a small tank installed just for the WM. I am concerned over the number of bends in the pipe I felt I had to make to meet code and the existing confines of the home's layout. If I leave the drain in this configuration, will it flow properly to the new tank? By the way, nothing has been glued at this point.

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