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Thread: Sprinkler Leaking...Now What?

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    Default Sprinkler Leaking...Now What?

    This is the first automated-sprinkler system problem we've had since buying our house 4 years ago. I'm looking for opinions on how difficult it might be for someone with average household repair skills, like myself, to fix, or if a professional should be hired.

    One day I heard water running outside and the sprinklers we not on. After checking around I found a puddle around the the area where the sprinkler plumbing was hiding. I say hiding because there were 5 deeply rooted plants an about 8" of dirt surrounding the pipes and no shut-off valve.

    I had a plumber install a shut-off for the sprinkler and then removed the plants, roots and dirt. The attached photos so the portion of pipe that is leaking, along with an overall view.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    Looks like that connection is a glued joint, and there is no repair for that. It will have to be cut out, new pipe splice in. It appears that the bushing at the inlet to the manifold is also glued. If so, you have major assembly rebuild on your hands.

    This was a nice neat manifold assembly , and the drawback to building it that way, instead of sprawled out.!!....is that repairs are a big deal.

    edit: After taking a second look at the photo, I realize the leak is between two manifold sections. That leak spot you point to may not be a joint at all. It may be crack in the fitting itself, if it is leaking exactly at the tip of your arrow. If it is just to the left of the arrow, that appears to be a glue joint between two sections of premade manifold, and it will not be repairable. Gonna need a fistful of fittings and rebuild this whole thing!
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    Thank you your answer makes sense. It felt like it was leaking at the tip of the arrow but on the backside, I'll check to make sure.

    When I first saw the layout I was thinking, how can any work be done on this without starting from the beginning? Oh well, I appreciate the evaluation and will most likely call a professional.

    BTW - I didn't appreciate how efficient an automated system cam be until we reverted back to hand watering!

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    You got more problems, from the look of it. Antisyphon valves (the Lawn Genie valves) are supposed to be about a foot higher than the highest sprinkler or pipe that they feed. If they are in a hole, they must be raised, as they have to be at least a foot above grade, even if everything else is downhill from them. This is about backflow prevention, and the protection of the water supply.

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    Wet_Boots - Thank you for that observation. As long as I'm redoing the system it makes sens to have everything fixed at the same time.

    Even if I'm not doing the work myself, I always like to have as much knowledge as possible about how things function.

    Thanks again.



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