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Thread: Sprinkler Valve Short

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    Default Sprinkler Valve Short

    Please forgive my lack of technical terms, I'm a total newbie with regards to sprinklers.

    My Weathermatic sprinkler timer reports that I have a "fault" caused by a short in zone 2. When I try to turn the valve on manually, using a switch on the valve it still doesn't work (making me believe the issue is at the valve, not the control box).

    I figure it could be a bad wire to the valve, although I think it's more likely that the little controller that sits on the valve has failed. Could it be something else? Any suggestions on how to diagnose/fix this?


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    Opening a valve "manually" means to physically open the valve with your hands, rather than using an electrical switch.

    Try checking for loose wires either at the valve or at the control box.


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