I am wondering if a Wheeler # 527 Pipercuttering tool is the best way to cut the sewer steel pipe that is in the basement floor? The sewer line that has the cleanout has the threads missing and no longer allows the drain to be capped off. I have attempted to cut this metal pipe with a sawzall but it barely scratched the surface of it after using two metal cutting blades.

Can someone help with how a Wheeler Pipecutter works and will it cut this pipe or is there a better tool to do this for a homeowner to use. It is a 4 inch pipe with a hub just above the cement floor and would like to get this project done. Seems there is little information on these tools or even what this metal pipe is made of. It must be very hard being a sawzall did nothing to it.

What will I need to replace it being I am going from the metal pipe to a plastic pipe being it will be two different materials and sizes will be different? Do they make a "Mission Coupler" that will fit the metal pipe as well as fit the pvc pipe and will it be tight enough to be able to tighten and loosen the clean out cap being they seem to get locked in place?

Any information would be helpful. I have broken up some of the cement floor around the pipe but trying to only open the floor large enough to get a tool in to cut the metal pipe.

Thanks in advance for any info...

Mike / LFM