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Thread: Do I have a flow problem

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    Default Do I have a flow problem

    I have a customer that uses a cistern and pump system (nonpotable). With the system charged, all zones are opening (16) when any one zone is activated by the clock. When this happens, manually closing the valves (flow control) closes the valve and it remains closed after opening the flow control and it functions correctly when cycling from clock. System seems to function normally at this point until clock cycles off. In other words, zones will open and close by the use of the clock UNTIL the clock cycles off (finishes) timed run. The next day when the clock comes on, all zones open with just a trickle of water. I say there is a flow,gpm/volume problem but before I dive into the cistern, I need some advice. Any thoughts?

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    Is it possible that the pump is losing its prime when its not running?


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