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Thread: leaking "valley" single handle shower faucet

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    Unhappy leaking "valley" single handle shower faucet

    My house is 10 years old. Last Nov I noticed a small drip from the faucet in my shower. so I went on line and order from www.**************.com a "control replacement kit for lavatory faucet". I rec'd this odd piece of plumbing to replace the one that is supposedly worn out. I was told by a friend that the piece that was sent to me for NOT for my bath tub faucet, but for a kitchen faucet!#@^*&!@@@#!@!!!!ugh
    So, I kept the piece, I didn't really care about the $20.00. I was very busy during the holidays. Now that time has gone by and the leak is REALLY bad!!!, water is pouring out pretty bad. I am a single homeowner and don't want to spend 100's of dollars on a plumber. I'm pretty handy and would like to fix it myself!!!
    I really think the piece I ordered is the right piece, but won't know exactly until I take the faucet apart, right? oh....how do I turn off the water to my bath tub faucet?????? would it be easier for me to purchase a whole new faucet piece??? Should I go to lowe's and ask the 16 yr old new night time employee???? will he know what to do?
    HELP????: confused:

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    A lavatory part will be for some kind of sink, bathroom or kitchen faucet. Usually not for the tub/shower.

    Valley has been out of business.....I thought for much longer than 10 years, but maybe not. There are some parts available at most hardware and plumbing stores. They made several different cartridges. You will need to turn off all your water, take it apart, and take the pieces with you to a plumbing supply store to identify correct parts.

    You should in the back of your mind be planning to eventually replace the whole valve, as parts and handles will get harder to find. Parts for ancient faucets will always be available. You can still today get parts for pre-WWII models. But they are scarce, you have to know where to go, and you have to take your check book!

    As the installed base of Valleys dwindles, the demand for parts will drop below the point where local homestores will be willing to stock anything, and that's when the price starts to climb. But for the immediate moment, there is still enough valley stuff out there for you.

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    thanks Jimbo. So, maybe it might be better to just go ahead and get a whole brand new faucet "fixture" for the tub? Like you siad in a few years if I have more problems, it will be much harder to find parts and I will be paying some serious cash too.

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    Its up to you. As of now you can either fix it or, replace it... Sooner or, later you will replace it.

    For replacement a Delta 1700 series is not a bad idea.


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