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Thread: Basement plumbing layout

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    Quote Originally Posted by krow View Post
    It all depends on the location of your kitchen sink p-trap. If the p-trap is located at the end of that pipe, then it needs to be vented above the flood level rim of the sink or above the top of the sink level. I only assumed that the kitchen sink drain extended further up from its current location (As in the pic). Its was hard for me to determine where the next floor starts.
    the p trap is at the end of that pipe it will be on a 1/4 inch slope per ft toward the main stack. I was going to vent it to the main stack above the flood level of said sink, say 6 inches or so above the top of the sink bowl.

    however i thought venting to the stack at that location would create issues from the 2nd floor toilet/closet via pos/neg pressure. i guess the thing im sort of not understanding is the placement of venting in the main stack (generally speaking).

    Would i be right in thinking that any pressure from above re discharge would now have no bearing on the kitchen sink if there are two holes (via pipes) regarding the waste hole and the vent because there is no vacuum to be pushed or sucked from the kitchen pipe? becuase there is like a release loop created by the two holes.

    hope that made sense!?
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