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Thread: Basement floor raised????

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    Default Basement floor raised????

    I am not sure if this is a plumbing problem but I have wooden floors in my basement and there is a small area that is starting to feel as if it is raised. It feels very hard and I am wondering if anyone knows who the proper people would be to call to look at this and check what the problem is. The area does happen to be next to the bathroom that we have down there which is why I am led to believe that it could be a plumbing problem. I don't see any leaks though. Could it be under the floors and I just can't see it? I am a new home owner and know nothing about construction and plumbing questions, so please help!!!

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    A basement slab could be damp all on its own. Wood can warp in moisture. So, it's hard to say what is the problem or even if the plumbing is the source of moisture you are not sure you have. It could also be a tree root cracked the foundation if it wasn't done well. Lots of reasons.

    You might see if you can rent or find someone who has a wood moisture meter and see how damp the wood floor is. Kind of expensive unless you have a need for one long term (i.e., you're a woodworker or maybe a contractor).

    Is there any signs of moisture around the base of the toilet or any other fixtures.
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    thank you, that on its own is a big help


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