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Thread: Driven well Pipe diameter

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    Default Driven well Pipe diameter

    I need a shallow well and after much research and the cost for the local drillers in the area I have come to the decision to drive a shallow well. If I have to buy a few tips and take a week or so off work it is still worth it as long as I get water. I am using it for my amimals and to alieviate usage of my home well. They are going to be close, a few hundred feet.

    My question is if I drive a 2 inch pipe and the water level is more than 24 ft then I need a two pipe pump. So, Driving more than 24ft with 2 inch pipe is pointless? Is apparatus available for 2" in pipe? The jet pumps seem to have 1 1/4" and 1" lines.


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    The depth of the well has nothing to do with the type of pump. It is the water level that matters. If it's less than 25 feet a shallow well jet pump will work as long as it stays less than the 25 feet. There is a single pipe jet made for two inch wells. I sell a lot of them.

    If you need help on how to drill this well, look at the Sticky at the top of this Forum.



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