I have 3 plumbing access points in my basement foundation which are right in the middle of what I intend to be a bedroom floor. I am still uncertain on how to make them as hidden as possible and still make it possible for future access should it be required. Does anyone have any recommendations on this?

I am planning a subfloor with Delta FL and 5/8" OSB. What I put on top of the subfloor can be changed depending on what would be best. I'd prefer carpet in this case to add warmth to the floor. I was thinking that I would mark where the access points are on the subfloor and cover with wall to wall carpet. Should access be required, the carpet can be rolled back and the subfloor could be cut where marked. Then when the job was done, the subfloor repaired and the carpet rolled back.

I've been told that this idea would not meet code as access to these floor cleanouts must be easier than what I have described. My thinking is that it would be so rare to have to access these cleanouts that this method would be acceptable.

What is the general consensus on this method?

Is there any good way of making hidden access to these floor access cleanouts?