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Thread: Pocket door gap

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    Default Pocket door gap

    I am remodeling a small bathroom with the help of a local contractor.

    It looks pretty nice. Because the bathroom off the master bath was small we replaced the hinged door with a pocket door that runs into a closet.

    My wife asked what are we to do about the gap between the edge of the door and the door jam. The frame the door butts into is flat. Sure enough, the gap is peakable. Also the gap is small at the bottom but about a quarter of an inch at top.

    Should there be trim on the inside of the jam like a traditional door? Should this go all the way around the top and both sides? Part of the door stays in the closet so it doesn't gap on that side.

    Is it traditional to use regular stop material or something like rope trim or screen stock?

    Can the gap at top be adjusted by somehow shimming the roller hardware or otherwise adjusting?

    Contractor is about done so I would like to get an idea.

    Also, it one pushes the door all the way back in the hole, the unpainted trim is visible? I can't get the door out - how do they paint this trim?

    Comments appreciated.


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    I've got a few pocket doors, and am installing one more. In my case:

    1) All doors are trimmed with stops on both sides and the top like a conventional door. None are peekable.

    2) My doors are removable when all the stops are removed. There's a lower guide that has to be removed, but the door can be tilted and lifted off the overhead rail.

    If yours aren't removable, to paint the interior of the jamb, I'd wrap the edge of the door in wax paper or plastic sheet, open the door, and paint the jamb. Slide the door back and forth a bit so you prevent a paint bridge from forming. When the paint dries, open the door and remove the covering.

    3) The gap at the top is adjustable, individually on both rollers, to allow adjusting the gap and levelling the door (or making it even with the jamb on the closing side).

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    Default Door stops added

    Thanks Mikey. Contractor suggested the same. Doors stops were added and everything looks good.



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