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Thread: Bringing Stand-Up Shower through Tight Spaces

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    Default Bringing Stand-Up Shower through Tight Spaces

    I bought a used stand-up shower for my place with the hopes of putting it in the basement. I realized that it was going to be tight to bring it into my basement, but luckily was a three peice so I thought I'd be good to go. Amongst bringing it down the stairs, I realized that it was to large to fit.

    So that brings me to thinking that I could grap a circular saw and cut it in half and then patch it up when I put it together. Or I could either put a strap on it and pinch it together which might damage the material but not as much as cutting it, as it is like a C shape box with the ends out.

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    Don't even think about cutting it and then putting it back together and not have it leak. It sounds like this is just the wall section, so if closing it into a triangle will get it down the stairs it should not damage the unit if you do not over do it.


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