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Thread: Need new shower valve

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    Default Need new shower valve

    A elderly friend of mine has a simple basement shower that has concrete block walls. The existing shower valve is fed from the top and surface mounted to the concrete block wall. I can't seem to locate a replacement on my own can anyone here point me in the right direction?

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    Its unclear to me as to what you are looking for.

    are you looking for a surface mounted shower faucet?
    If so, what style are you looking for?

    I know kohler makes one, but the feeds (hot/cold) would have to be in the wall. I installed one last year (big pain in the butt)

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    Talking is thei a mud rooom type shower..how nice...???..

    If this is mounted on the block wall,
    in some sort of mud room concrete floor shower

    you can just about install anything you
    want to on the blocks...

    just dont install the chrome trim... jsut the handle

    the Delta 1700 can be mounted to the blocks
    and it will work great

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    Default valve

    IT is probably the 3 3/4" c/c shower valve usually used in metal prefab stalls. The new valves have the inlets on the sides and you can feed them from any direction you desire.

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    Default found materials

    Turns out my friend Henry, located a surface mount valve that came with the shower head riser and swower head to boot. A old local hardware store now run by the second generation had it in stock. It was chrome plated brass, fed from the top just like the original, all piping was exposed again like the original and had half unions at the valve body for quick hook-up (an added plus). It was an import but still nicely made. If it lasts as long as the original (23 years) then he's a happy camper and so am I. Total cost was $54.22 in materials.

    Thanks for the input guys.


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