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Thread: New Pump Needed?

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    Default New Pump Needed?

    My sprinkler pump is about 25 years old. About 10 years ago I had it rebuilt. It worked fine until a few weeks ago. Some work was being done behind my house and I had to disconnect the pump for about a month and then extend the intake pipe (from a canal) about 25 feet in length. The run from canal to pump is about 10 feet vertical and about 120 feet long. Since I redid it (and replaced the check valve) it primes okay, but has very low pressure. Any thoughts on rebuilding this ancient pump vs. replacing it? Thanks!

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    Extending the intake line increases the friction losses, and reduces pump performance. If it must be longer, then you may need to replace it all with a larger-diameter pipe.

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    Got it. And as far as replacing the pump goes, is there a preferred internet vendor for pumps?

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