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Thread: Replacing Closet Flange

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    I am replacing toilet in 35 year old bathroom. The Toilet closet flange broke and now I need a new one. The old one had a Toilet flange with another tube attached to it. Both the Toilet closet flange and tube fit into the actual drainage pipe.

    The drainage pipe in the floor looks black and maybe plastic abs? I went to the Home Depot and got a new toilet closet flange that is white in color and a new lower tube part that is also white in color.
    What silicone do i use for connecting the closet flange to the tube part? Then when I put them together I just slide into the drainage pipe without using any glue?

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    First of all, the black pipe is ABS. The white parts you bought are PVC. ABS and PVC are chemically different and can not be intermixed. Since your existing pipe is ABS, you need ABS parts. Secondly, you do not use silicone to join the parts. ABS and PVC are solvent welded, but since they different materials the each require their own solvent. These solvents are commonly but incorrectly referred to as glue, but because they actually melt the surfaces of the pipe and fittings briefly so that when the parts are slipped together, the two surfaces combine as a chemical weld. ABS requires ABS solvent and PVC requires PVC solvent.

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    It would also help if you posted photos of your drain as well as the old flange.


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