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Thread: Wall hung or rear outlet

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    Unhappy Wall hung or rear outlet

    I need to move an existing toilet in a high-rise condo with concrete slab, so I can widen the shower and door to 32" min or greater. Cutting the floor is not an option due to significant cost (x-ray floor, structural engineering assesment, Assoc. permission, access to floor from below, etc >$40K)

    The problem is really the location and orientation of the toilet. Using the existing flange:
    1) can I change the install postion 90 degrees and use a rear outlet toilet create some space and discharge into the existing waste flange
    2) create a wall over the flange and install a wall hung toilet that discharges into the existing waste
    3) leave the toilet where it is and move the shower (still tied into the existing shower drain using a built up base)
    4) any other ideas?

    See pdf for a room layout.


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    #1 seems like the only option which would not cost obscene amounts of money. Wall hung installations are very pricey.
    You are creating a room which many future buyers of your condo would balk at. You would put the toilet in a "non-private" area, meaning for privacy you would have to lock out access to the sink and that large room ( closet? ),not to mention giving them a smaller vanity when instead you could possibly put in a double sink upgrade.

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    Talking Remodel

    This bathroom is located inside the master bedroom. The door on the left is to the hallway and the opening at the top is the bedroom. You walk-in through the vanity/dressing area to get to the bedroom. The door opening is tight so you really can't shut the door unless you stand in the shower first as it is.

    I know double sinks are desirable for re-sale but I would prefer to have a walk-in steam room/ double-head shower. By rotating the vanity I only lose about 1 ft of width off the counter space.

    I suppose some people might find this odd, but a lot of the bathroom design books have open european/wall hung toilets. I was also looking at putting up a frosted glass barrier on the right side of the toilet to increase privacy. I also have another powder room across the hall for guest.

    Is there a way to connect the discharge from a wall hung toilet to the existing toilet flange? Wouldn't this be the same type of issue for the rear discharge toilet? I'm not worried about a spending more to get a wall-hung and carrier system, but I don't want to spend 40K just to move a hole.




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