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Thread: Unusual tub/shower problem

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    Default Unusual tub/shower problem

    We built a tiled box with 2 sides flush against 2 tiled walls and frameless glass on the other two sides which sit on top of the tiled box. We installed a drop-in whirlpool tub (with a 2-inch high rim on top) allowing for 3 inches of the box to show on 3 sides of the tub. The head wall houses the shower head and tub faucet. It dawned on us that when someone takes a shower, water will collect on the top of the box, unable to drain back into the tub because of the tub rim. Can we put holes in the top of the box and connect tubing to the holes and have them drain into the tub drain (which is PVC)? Someone said cutting the PVC and inserting the tubes would end up with problems later. If this can be done without problems, what should be used to connect the tubing to the PVC?
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    Can we see the problem first so we can see what you are describing, can you post a pic?

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    It is highly unlikely that your solution would work. Drop in tubs are designed for tub only, not shower. Many manufacturers offer an optional tile flage kit that puts a lip around the tub, then you build the walls down inside of that flange. The flange keeps the water from leaking down around the tub's edges, and it falls into the tub.
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    Here is a pic of the box/tub (note frameless glass not yet installed). We want to put holes in the top of box and run tubes inside the box from the holes to the PVC tub drain

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    Here is tub pic. We want to put holes on top of box and run tubing inside the box from holes to tub drain.
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