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Thread: another priming question

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    Default another priming question

    New Female Florida homeowner!!....... Thanks for taking another priming question.

    I've read all of the posts and still can't figure out what to do to get my pump working. The motor will turn on and run but no water will come out of the spickets when turned on. I can't really feel water moving in the pipe so I'm not thinking this is a self-priming system.

    Can you help????? I follow directions well!
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    Default Pump probably needs priming!

    1) Turn the pump off
    2) Unscrew the pipe plug on the top of the pump
    3) Fill the pump with water
    4) Screw the plug back in
    5) Turn the pump back on
    6) Run about one minute
    7) If it has not primed repeat the procedure again (up to 6 times)
    8) Generally if not primed now there is a more serious problem.

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    The plug should be as I've marked on the picture below but, where the outlet line is there is no plug from what I can see. The water from the well comes in through the horizontal line from the right. That is a suction line (shallow well single line pump) and if the foot valve on it down the well leaks, the pump loses prime.
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    Thanks ya'll........ I will certainly give it a try tomorrow. But I'm thinking that the previous owner sealed the pipe so it may take me a few days to let you know how things are coming along! I appreciate the help!


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