My well has been shut down for the winter but I hope to start it up within the next week now that the chance of frost in northern Michigan is fading. I had the well driller shut it down but will be opening it myself. He sold me a long handled wrench for the pitless adapter, about 6 foot of galvanized pipe, t-handle and slot like bit welded to the other end that fits onto the pitless adapter. I guess I forgot to ask what I'm doing when I open. Am I turning clockwise to shut the adapter so water goes into my supply line or am I turning counterclockwise to open it to let water into the supply line? I don't know how the pitless adapter works. Beyond that I'm assuming I would turn power to the submersible pump and I should be back in business, just don't want to burn my new pump out trying to push water against an improperly adjusted valve.