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Thread: Need High Efficiency Toilets

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    Default Need High Efficiency Toilets

    I recently purchased 3 Toto Drakes for a new restaurant project only to find out that, as on 7/1/07, there are new water efficiency standards in my area that require High Efficiency Toilets (one that averages 1.28 gallons per flush or less).

    Does anyone have experience with these? Recommendations? I know that Toto makes an Eco version of the Drake, Supreme and Ultramax but there is not much user info on them.


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    There are several threads here of people that have the Eco Drake. Use the search button in the blue bar...basically, those that have them say they work fine. Most of the difference is in how they calibrate the refill...there is less overfilling of the bowl - the flush is the same.
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