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Thread: seeking advice - Saniflo Macerating Toilet

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    Default seeking advice - Saniflo Macerating Toilet

    Does anybody knows any reason why i shouldn't buy it.Please let me know.

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    I cannot say why you either should or should not buy a macerating toilet, but I can tell you why I would only use one where there was no other option:

    With the typical macerting toilet, everything that gets flushed must pass through a small area containing a set of blades about the same size as those of a kitchen blender, and many people are accustomed to flushing things that just will not "blend". So, and unless you can be sure nothing gets flushed without having first been eaten -- macerator toilets need that kind of sign nearby -- you will soon become experienced at clearing the macerator. A diaphram pump would be more trouble-free, but I do not know whether one is available for sewage.

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    Where are you installing this? Is it possible to install a gravity drain?

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    If you are doing this to prevent having to tear up some concrete, when a gravity flush toilet would work, it is probably false economy. Any time you can get by with gravity, which is free, performing an action verses powering a unit, you are better off. Even if you do need a pump, putting in an ejection system and using standard fixtures has benefits - more storage. If the power is off, with gravity, it's no big deal. When you have to pump things, it can get ugly quick if there is no power!
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    I was debating putting a mac toilet in my basement bkz I was intimidated by installing a below-ground ejector system.

    I googled the saniflo and found only criticisms of the system.

    Some reasons:

    1) smaller outlet than ejector systems = more potential for clogging
    2) Less style choice
    3) Can 'feel' like a bathroom on a boat.

    I went with an ejector. Most plumbers wouldn't come do the concrete work without also contracting for the finish work. Or, they would have charged a large markup for just the rough work. I understand why.

    Jackhammering the foundation of yr home is dusty, scary, dusty, dangerous, and dusty. You REALLY have to do yr homework on many levels if you want to do it. That being said, I did it, and if you have a good back, so can you. Did I mention that it's dusty? I could hear the dust laughing and calling me names in my ducts months later.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)


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